No Man’s Sky creates virtual world for exploration

Collin Chlebowski, Staff Writer

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No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games, is a unique fantasy game. The player is left to explore an expansive universe of numerous creatures and planets. The game is focused around exploration and lacks a true story line, allowing the player to play as they please.
The game takes place in space. The universe is colossal, with over 18 quintillion (18,000,000,000,000) distinct planets. Each planet is randomly generated, adding to the diversity of atmospheres in the game. The planets are so large that it is impossible to explore a whole planet in 24 hours. If the player were able to find a planet every second, it would take 584 billion (584,000,000,000) years to see all of them.
There are different creatures, plants, air, temperature, and elements such as iron and titanium on every planet. The player must constantly be alert for both harmful creatures and poisonous plants in these environments. The game is also equipped with its own periodic table which adds to its unique concept. Both known and imaginary elements are implemented in the game and can be found throughout the universe.
The main purpose of this game is exploration and survival. There are a multitude of planets to discover, many of which have not been explored by any other player. In addition to exploration, the game features missions set for the player to complete. Some missions are finding elements, exploring vast planets, or fixing your spaceship.
While finding items and traveling, the player has to worry about gear. Gear includes a jetpack, armor, and a weapon. The gear could lose energy or break, so the player will have to check on the status of their equipment constantly. The player can repair their gear by using the elements they find on different planets. These elements can be found by breaking plants and rocks. Upgrades allow the player to increase the power and longevity of their equipment.
The differing temperatures on planets are another factor of play. Extreme temperatures could potentially lower a player’s health. The player can lose health from fall damage, poisonous plants, battling creatures, and toxic air.
The player can mine down through a planet to find underground caves and new elements. However, this endeavor can be risky because dangerous creatures can be found around every turn. These creatures vary by planet and all have different capabilities for doing harm.
Additionally, trading posts can be found by players on different planets and in space stations. They can interact with aliens and sell their elements for money and save up for a brand new spaceship which is probably better than the one they already have.
Traveling does take a long time in the game. It can take 10-15 minutes to get to another planet and even longer to walk from one place to another. The missions and exploration can also become repetitive and rather boring. Finding planets, collecting items, and searching for elements are all activities that can become mundane after a while. But it is up to the player to decide to try something different, such as mining to the center of a planet or battling creatures.
This is a single player first person game and would be recommended for someone who wants to try something different. This game is mainly for experienced players because the game takes time to figure out. Controls can be difficult and may take getting used to, especially while flying in a spaceship. The game needs a console that can run high quality graphics smoothly or the game will be slow. Considering the amount of time the game takes, it would not be recommended for someone who enjoys doing things fast paced. This is an exploring type of game, and there is not much action, but the game looks breathtaking while flying through space. No Man’s Sky is rated T for “Fantasy Violence.”

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