Do not be afraid, despite recent events

A letter to my younger sister

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Do not be afraid, despite recent events

Gianna Muzzio, Staff Writer

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Sophie Rae,

To this day, I wish that our father had named you Sunny. The way you laugh, your chubby face, and your bright personality lights up a somber room like the rising sun. You are only six, ten years younger than I, but are almost the size of me. You are ahead of those your age, not only by your height, but by the potential you possess to become whatever your heart desires.
I know that it is difficult to understand what happens in our world sometimes; when you are so young, you only see as far as the school bus will take you.
Although a scary man has been elected our president, you mustn’t worry. He may resemble the monsters under your bed, but soon you will grow old and realize that the monsters do not exist unless you perceive it that way. One day they will disappear, and then maybe you will stop asking me to search for them with you.
I refuse to let you live in a country where there are monsters, where you are neglected and criticized because of what you look like or where you come from.
I hope that you will stand up for yourself as a young woman. People are intimidated by you and how much power you truly possess. They will pull you down by your pigtails and claim that you cannot be “Queen of the Playground,” that there can only be a king. Do not cry. You will notice that when you get older, things do not change. Still, do not cry. Do not let any job tell you that you are only 80% as good as a man is, do not let them refuse to pay you the same. Do not let the government take control of your body. She belongs to you and only you, She is sacred.
I hope that you do not let the color of your skin dictate the way people see you. Nobody is colorblind. Do not compare yourself to the caucasian Barbie that the television always broadcasts. They will force relaxer into your tight curls and soak you in SPF so you do not darken. However, you must be proud of your pigment and stand tall for equality. You are no less than your pale sister, your pale classmates or friends. Do not be frightened by the news, you will not become a number. Do not sit down, do not rest, this is your time to fix what we unfortunately could not.
I must apologize to you, my young sister, for creating such a scary place. It is possible that you will feel like you are in the dark, but there are always nightlights to keep you comfort. I will try my best to create such an environment that you can grow up in and say that you are proud. We mustn’t set ourselves back 50 years. We can not go further back into oppression, into racism, into misogyny. It is your job to push forward our already existing progress and be strong and stubborn. It is important to stand up but to also spread love and equality.
Do not let those who do not agree dull your inner sunshine.

Your older sister,
Gianna Muzzio

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