Lack of delays could prove dangerous

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The winter season has long been upon us here, however, the winter weather has not. Aside from a few inches here or there, this year has been kind to us so far. Many students want these storms to come in hope of a delay or a snow day. But for a few of these snow falls that we have gotten this year, were the roads safe for students to drive and buses to drive?
More often than not, the town fails to plow the roads and many students have difficulty getting to school safely. This turns away students from coming into school due to the conditions and fear for their own safety and can even caused parents to prohibit their children from attending school due to the inability to get them there.
Delays give the chance for town workers in plows to clear the roads and make them safe to pass through when a winter storm hits. This way students still come in for a school day, although a short one, and do not miss out on their education. Not having a delay can literally strip many, many students of their rightful education simply through the inability to get to school.

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