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Point of NWEA needs to be more clear to students

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Each season, all students are required to take a computerized multiple choice test, usually between 40 and 50 questions, in each of their core classes. These tests are given by an organization called NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association). The tests that students take are called MAP tests.
These tests are given to students who have no idea what the point of these tests are. This is extremely harmful to the data because many students do not take them seriously, usually guessing through each question in order to get through the test. Students need to be told the purpose of these tests in order for the data to be accurate.
Some teachers aren’t sure either why they are giving these tests, they only know they are required to. It’s extremely important and goes a long way for the students, the teachers, and the data that is collected. There is no point to give these if students don’t care, and students will not care if they do not know why they take the test in the first place.

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Point of NWEA needs to be more clear to students