Social media ban unnecessary, ineffective

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As mostly each and every student who owns a phone or has a social media account at know, most social media has been blocked on the WiFi. This helps the teachers to gain the focus of many students who would otherwise be distracted by their phones and social media.
Although this decreases distraction drastically, students still are distracted by their phones as well as other devices. These other devices include laptops and Chromebooks, which are given to each student for school work.
Furthermore, students only need to turn WiFi off on their phones and use their cellular data to bypass the ban.
So in order for faculty to gain full attention and focus from students, they would need to ban all devices, which is highly unlikely, due to the fact that much of today’s world revolves around technology. So to block social media would help, but only a little. Students always find a way to get themselves “out” of class.

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