Evening of Elegance raises money for Project Graduation

EVAN DAVIS, Staff Writer

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Evening of Elegance is a formal fundraiser for senior students and their parents. It is run by Project Graduation, a committee of teachers and parents whose goal is for every senior to have a safe and unforgettable graduation after party. This fundraiser took place on January 28.
From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. there was dinner and dancing at the Wadsworth Mansion. The space was donated to the high school from Mayor Dan Drew.
In years past there has been assigned seating, but this year there was open seating during the eating portion of the night. The food that was available included hot and cold appetizers, a pasta bar, and desserts, all prepared by hired catering.
Project Graduation sponsors a variety of other fundraisers throughout the year to raise money. One fundraiser is a cookie fundraiser which is held at Woodrow Wilson in early December. In addition, the Flamingo Fundraiser is held for the whole year. When someone donates $25 or more to Project Graduation they will get to pick a friend or family member to get pink plastic flamingos covering their lawn. The third fundraiser is Evening of Elegance.
All of these fundraisers go towards Project Graduation’s event, the Safe Graduation party held on the night of graduation all night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The party is held in a safe environment and aims to celebrate the students’ recent graduation and their completion of four years of high school.
Annually the student body helps to provide services for the event. The junior class officers are in charge of the coat check. For musical entertainment school choir soloists sing and the jazz band plays music to help set the mood for the evening. The jazz band plays for about an half hour all together and between every jazz band song a choir soloist sang a song. Also, for some of the night, a hired DJ took the reins and played music. Everyone was free to dance on the dance floor.
Even though the event may have a dance floor, Jenna Dickes, the senior class president, said “I wouldn’t compare it to homecoming because it’s more of a classy event and it’s with your parents.”
The cost of one person, parent, or child is $40. This price does not only to cover the fact that is fancy event but also cover services like catering, dishes, and tables. The cost also includes the price of professional photographers who take photos of families throughout the evening. Photos of members of the graduating class were included in a giant slideshow played at the event.
Dickes said, “I’m excited because it’s one of the senior perks that seniors get throughout the year. It’s nice to have the whole class and their family, it’s a really nice evening.”
Dickes and other seniors agree that it is a event based for parents too. Jonathan Rosenblum appreciates this, he said, “It’s cool to hang out with my parents.”
The aspect that of hanging out with one’s parents or guardians for a night is unique due to the fact that no other school event includes this element.
While seniors might be on edge about life and school, Evening of Elegance is a time when everyone can relax knowing that their high school career is almost over.
Others would not even agree with the whole event taking place. One senior said, “It’s ridiculous because it’s too expensive for one night and we don’t get genuine food.”
Chase Corvo, a senior who is also a member of the jazz band, said, “I’d rather just be with the jazz band. I’m not staying for the whole time, it’s too long.”
Some seniors are in the middle of this range of opinions.
Courtney Jandreau said, “I think they should have one because the meaning behind it. But yes, it is too expensive, because if I want to spend an evening with my parents I would just have it at home.”
The Evening of Elegance is a tradition for seniors, but the criticism from students reminds the senior class and school that there are still improvements to be made at any time.

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