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Jordan Perry makes waves as rapper “Siah”


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Photo by Edison Byrd

The urge to create is something inherent to the human experience. However, the full schedules and strain of schoolwork that most students face can end up preventing them from doing this. Despite this, senior Jordan Perry still finds the time to pursue his passions both inside and outside of school.
Perry is an up and coming rapper and well recognized within the school community. “It’s something I’ve always done, literally since I was a kid,” he said. He raps under the moniker Siah, and has accumulated 179 Soundcloud followers. The track “Siah Shuffle” has 2,754 plays and “I don’t love you” has 3,519 plays.
Perry has been rapping since the beginning of middle school, when he first dove into the art. “I got some money for my birthday and I went and got some studio equipment,” he said, explaining how he first started producing music. He said he was encouraged by his friends and that he finally decided to just go for it. “I just started putting out music.”
A self-made person, it’s evident that Perry is proud of his music and the content that he creates. “People tell me I’m famous all the time but I feel like I’m just another kid doing what I do.” He wants people to know that anyone can pursue their passions, but they must truly have their heart in it.
He believes that music is something that you must put a whole effort into. Those who see it as “quick money” will be disappointed, he asserts. “If you really want to do it and you think you can, go for it, but you have to put everything you have into it.”
In addition to rapping, Perry is a lead cast member in this year’s school musical, In The Heights. He will play the character Usnavi, who is the narrator and main character. He got involved in the musical in a very coincidental way. “I just wanted to get involved in drama club,” he said. “I was asking around and I just asked Mr. Briggs and he said, ‘You’d actually be perfect.’” The musical is well aligned with his other interests. “I want to get into entertainment,” he said, describing his plans for the future.
As graduation draws nearer ny the day, Perry looks to the future. He wants to go to college, although his ultimate goal is being a successful musician.
“I’m planning on going to college to study architecture,” he said, “but I also want to continue pursuing my rap career.”
Perry also expressed that he may look into minoring in the arts. “I don’t want to study art,” he said, “but I may do it as a minor in college.” Although music may be his final goal, college has never been a question to Perry. “I’ve always wanted to go to college. It’s always been a part of the plan,” he said. “It’s not like a backup thing.”
Although he’s looking to the future, Perry feels that there are aspects of high school that he will miss. “I’m going to miss the school a lot,” he said. “Everybody supports me and I’m going to miss that support system.” He said that he knows that the real world may not be as forgiving in critique of his music.
More than anything, Perry hopes that he can be an example for other students in the future. “I hope to be an inspiration to other people,” he said. He wants others to see that it’s vital that you pursue your own passions.
Despite what many may think, Perry asserts that it is never too early to start doing something that you love. “I’m just 17, but I’m taking the time out of my life to do what I want to do,” he said.

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Jordan Perry makes waves as rapper “Siah”