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Fake ID use limited among students

JENNA DICKES, Staff Writer

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When asked about opinions on fake IDs, many people have to step back and take a moment to actually think about it. Fake IDs are one of those things where you either have one or you do not, and everyone just minds their own business from there. Fake IDs, or “fakes,” are not always mentioned in high school and many people usually keep them secret. However, student opinions on the topic vary widely. Many students are more familiar with college students using fake IDs, but some people find that it is never too early to start “preparing for college life” and already own one.
“Fake IDs are for people who just want to have a good time. You should never carry it with you, unless you’re putting it to use,” said senior Shane Rascati. Rascati is not bothered by the use of fake IDs, and states that they are only used for fun, recreational purposes.
However there are other students that do not agree with this idea. “I think fake IDs are not necessary when you’re in high school. Some people are in such a rush to grow up. I think people get them because they think they need to have alcohol to have fun, but that’s not necessary or true,” said an anonymous senior.
There are a variety of different ways for someone to use a fake ID. Students mainly have them so they can purchase alcohol, go to bars, clubs, other over 21 venues, and possibly to even get a tattoo without parent consent.
“I’ve joked about getting a fake ID before, but I’m never actually going to get one,” said an anonymous senior. “There are a lot of shows that have age requirements, and high schoolers might be tempted, but there will be plenty of shows to see when you get older.”
There is always the factor of peer pressure that comes along with getting a fake ID. Some people may feel left out if their friends have fakes, so they feel the need to get one too, even if they do not necessarily feel completely comfortable getting one. “I would think peers or friends might want to be able to go to clubs or places therefore people need to get that fake ID,” said teacher William Siebert.
“Fake ID’s are the terrible need we have to belong. You don’t wanna be the one person that doesn’t have one, because you’re the odd man out. We all aspire to belong to a group, it doesn’t matter what group it is,” said psychology teacher Deborah Bailey. Bailey says that the natural desire to belong can always be a factor that comes into play when students obtain their fake IDs, with peer pressure being a part of the reason students are purchasing them.
Although, with all of the different ways to use a fake, come all the different ways to get caught. So, the question is, what really happens once someone gets caught with a fake ID? Everyone knows it is illegal to have one, so what are the repercussions of someone realizing a student is using a fake? “If you get caught it’s a felony, but most places just throw them out or take them, like stores and clubs do that” said an anonymous senior.
“It’s not worth it to get one because chances are you will most likely get caught and it will be hanging over your head,” said another anonymous senior. Most of the time, the chances are that a student will not be allowed in the club, bar, or other venue, but will not lose their fake either.
Sometimes people may not be that lucky, and can spend up to three years on probation or pay a fine of up to $1,000 for a criminal possession of a forged instrument to the third degree. “The courts could force you to pay fines, imprison you, make you attend classes, or do community service,” said school resource officer Anthony Gennaro.
The different uses of a fake ID are all dependent on the person who owns the fake. The primary use of having one is to be able to buy alcohol, and some of students may feel left out because they are too young to go out with their older friends, or even feel left out from their peers that have fake IDs.
Whatever the case may be, fake IDs are kept low-profile, likely due to the legal trouble associated with them or their limited use.

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Fake ID use limited among students