Extra space in library should be utilized

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In a school with over twelve hundred students, it should not
be as difficult as it is to find space to work during free periods
and study halls.
The first four periods of the day consist of study halls
jammed into the large cafeteria. Often times, this area is loud
and disruptive to many students, so they go to the library, a
much quieter and contained area, to complete their work well
with efficency.
However, it has been more difficult than ever to reserve a
spot in this popular place of work and study. No more than
thirty students are allowed in one study hall period. Many
students are in need of a place to use a computer, complete
work, or study.
It has been said that having too many kids in the library
causes a safety hazard, especially regarding fire drills,
lockdowns, and emergency evacuations.
In addition, behavior of the students has been an ongoing
issue, and by limiting the amount of students, it limits the
amount of poor behavior.
While this issue is certainly not black and white, perhaps
other alternatives could be offered to those who do not fit into
the library, if the capacity cannot be increased.

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