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Cheerleading excels in competition season

Jacob Chlebowski, Staff Writer

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The cheerleaders dedicate almost
their entire year to cheering
on the school’s many sports
The team led by coach Sharon
The captains of the cheer team
make up the halftime show and
run the workouts during practices.

Senior Morgan Resnisky explained,
“I, along with Michaela
Morosky, Aliyah Hayes, Brianna
Boirie, and Kelsey Gaylord, who
are the other captains, have a lot
of duties. We make the halftime
routines, make the competition
music, figure out workouts for
the team, etc. All in all we just
help our coach with whatever she
needs in order to lead the team
efficiently,” she said. The captains
have great responsibility in
their leadership roles and look to
lead the team to victory during
this competition season.
Resnisky also states what the
team intends to throughout the
year. “During fall season, we attend
all football games, home
and away. During the winter season,
we cheer at boys and girls
home basketball games and a
couple home wrestling matches.
We also compete during the winter
Coach Riley is in charge of
the team, and instructs the workouts.
Riley has also been a coach
for other school sports teams
Cheerleading excels in competition season
as well. She started coaching at
Woodrow Wilson Middle School,
and worked her way up to becoming
a coach at Middletown
High School. Riley said, “[I have
coached for] 28 years as an assistant
girls outdoor track coach.
I just retired in 2017 and have
spent 25 years as a cheer coach. I
started at the old Woodrow Wilson
Middle School, then moved
to the high school as an assistant
coach, finally getting the head
coach position maybe 10 years
Riley also explained, “The
Staff Writer
hardest part of coaching is having
them buy into your philosophy
and keeping them focused.
When someone achieves a goal
that they have been working on,
it is really rewarding and satisfying.”
The team’s greatest accomplishment
so far is succeeding
in tumbling. Their future goal is
to improve with more advanced
tumbling and stunting so that
they can be on a more competitive
level. They also plan to hit
a perfect routine in one of their
upcoming competitions.
Captain Resnisky said, “We’ve
all been working so hard this season,
constantly obtaining new
skills and improving, and we’re
all so excited to compete.”
The cheer team would welcome
any support at their competitions.

Their next competition, the
CCC Conference Competition, is
taking place on February 17. The
Best Competition is on February
24 and their final competition at
states is on March 3. States this
year for the cheer team will be
held in New Haven, CT.

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Cheerleading excels in competition season