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Boys swimming pursues another conference title

Dylan Karpel, Staff Writer

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The boys swim team has a history
of excellence, having had
winning seasons for the past
thirty years and having been conference
champions for the past
seven years.
Coming off such success in
the past, the team now faces a
tremendously difficult schedule.
Since the team has consistently
won conference year after year,
they must now compete against
teams who are also champions
of their own conferences, almost
all of which are far tougher than
Middletown’s conference.
Because of this, the boys swim
team has already faced many
challenges this season, but remains
hopeful for their upcoming
meets. With boys swimming
being the longest winter sport
season, the swimmers definitely
have the chance to improve their
The team is headed by coach
Trevor Charles. In addition, the
team is led by swimming coach
Libby Hess and diving coach
Kimberly Caruso, who replaced
the past diving coach Matt
According to the Charles, “We
lost a lot of our top swimmers
from last year and I am encouraging
our returning swimmers to
step up to the challenge. We have
been and will be facing a lot of
tough meets.”
Captains senior Dylan Drescher
and senior Andrew Ivans
also gave insight on how the
swim season has been. Ivans said,
“Our season has been okay, but
we have a lot of room for improvement.”
Despite their struggles,
the swimmers remain strong
and positive. Drescher explained,
“The people are amazing, I really
like everyone on this team.”
Perhaps one of the most important
elements of success for
the swimmers is their team dynamic.
In order to ensure strong
team cohesiveness, the team has
pasta parties every Friday.
Drescher explained, “We usually
spend more time with each
other than our families. The team
has become a support group. We
help each other out with essays,
homework, and home life. We’re
the most tightly knit team and it
feels like we’re brothers.”
Additionally, the team is further
unified by their numerous
traditions. In particular, the
swimmers participate in an alumni
meet over the holiday break in
which the team competes against
Middletown graduates spanning
several decades. The meet instills
competitiveness and team pride,
further motivating the athletes to
achieve their best.
The most notable tradition of
the team comes toward the end
of their season, right before their
infamous hell week. To prepare
for hell week, a week of double
practices over February break
during which the swimmers average
about 10,000 yards of swimming
each day, the swimmers
dye their hair blonde and shave
unique designs into each other’s
heads, often with freshmen receiving
the most unique of the
Then, in preparation for the
conference and state meet the
swimmers shave their heads and
the rest of their bodies completely.
They believe that this will
decrease drag in the water and
increase their speed, thus giving
them a competitive edge going
into their toughest competitions.
As the team moves into the
middle of their season, the
swimmers have made progress
and continually strive to improve.
Their record has improved from
one loss and three wins at the
beginning of the season to 3-4-1
The team looks forward to a
promising future, as Charles said,
“I’ve been seeing all my kids begin
to step up.”
In particular, junior Chris
Boller, junior Jack Higgins, junior
Nick Lupacchino, senior Dylan
Drescher, senior Andrew Ivans,
and junior diver Tyler Wenzel
have made tremendous improvements
this season and have
rightfully earned the position of
the some of the team’s top swimmers.

Boller competes in the 200
meter individual medley and the
100 meter breaststroke, Higgins
swims in the 100 meter backstroke,
Ivans competes in the 500
and 200 meter freestyle, Luppachino
races in the 200 meter
individual medley and backstroke
and the 500 meter freestyle, and
Drescher participates in the 100
meter fly and 200 meter freestyle.
Charles and the captains also
added how Wenzel, the team’s
most experienced diver, has had
great success this season and is
only six points short of breaking
the school diving record.
Drescher also spoke of the
team’s promising freshmen this
season, specifying Nick Turri,
Bennie Baldwin, Marshall Alleyne,
Kendon Fignar, Daniel
Brock, and Eric Meyer as some
of the team’s greatest new assets.
Encouraged by the accomplishments
of the swimmers thus
far this season, Ivans said, “We
are definitely going to win conference.”
Now that the team has
beat Berlin, they feel that they are
one step closer to a conference
Junior swim team member Jacob
Collyer said “We were a losing
team that is doing a lot better
than expected.”
Lupacchino, Drescher, Wenzel,
Ivans, and senior Cameron Moski
have all qualified for the state
competition where they look to
finish out the season strong.
Going forward, the swimmers
are anticipating many more
tough meets, including the highly
competitive meet against rival
Xavier High School on February
15 at Wesleyan University. The
swimmers will compete to prove
which team is truly the best in
In the end, even though the
boys swimming team has faced a
difficult start to their season, their
future is promising. They have a
great deal to live up to, given the
success of past seasons. Hopefully,
the team will be able secure
yet another conference and even
state victory for the team.

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Boys swimming pursues another conference title