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Class of 2018 athletes commit to colleges

Rachel Gaudreau, Sports Editor

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As the second semester comes
to an end, student athletes look
toward the future of their academic
and athletic careers. For
many, this time is one of great
excitement and stress as athletes
campaign their sports careers to
prospective colleges. Every year,
Middletown athletes of tremendous
talent commit to further
pursue their education and athletics
at post-secondary schools.
The class of 2018 is no exception
to this.
Numerous athletes have already
committed to play sports at
the collegiate many, with others
fielding several offers and deciding
where best to continue their
education. So far, ten athletes
have committed to college sports
and several other athletes may
make decisions in the near future.
On February 8, the athletes
were joined by athletic director
Elisha DeJesus, coaches, parents,
and teammates in the library seminar
room where they officially
signed a commitment to play
sports at their given college.
For many athletes, college commitment
is the ultimate goal as it
allows the athlete to thrive in a
highly competitive environment.
The athletes have an opportunity
to represent Middletown and display
their hard work as well as improving
upon their skills.
Some athletes hope the exposure
of college sports can help
them achieve success at a profession
Ultimately, whatever their ambitions
in their athletic careers, it’s
clear that the committed athletes
have great talent and work ethic.
Time will tell if they can carry
the amount of success they’ve
achieved in high school through
to the collegiate level. No matter
what the future holds, these athletes
have much to be proud of.
Below is a map of the colleges
to be attended by the committed
athletes, accompanied by their
names, colleges, divisions, and

A. DeAaron Lawrence,
Stonehill College, Division 2
B. Madyson Fitzner, Endicott
College, Division 3 Soccer
C. Amalia Sessoms, Saint
Michael’s College, Division 2
D. Edison Byrd, Western
New England University, Division
3 Lacrosse
E. Gage Davis, Anna Maria
College, Division 3 Football
F. Kaitlyn D’Amico, Southern
Connecticut State University,
Division 2 Soccer
G. Michael Aresco, Merrimack
College, Division 2
H. Stone Belzo, Springfield
College, Division 3 Football
I. Jeffery Turro, Central
Connecticut State University,
Division 1 Soccer
J. Martino Pusz, Roger Williams
University, Division 3

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Class of 2018 athletes commit to colleges