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Mozzicato’s changes the Cannoli game in Middletown

December 8, 2018

Gino and Gisella opened Mozzicato’s bakery in Hartford after moving from Italy in 1968. Only two years later, the Mozzicato’s bought DePasquale Bakery, a nearby business which was popularized because of its breads and rolls. After the Mozzicato’s combined the two stores, their bakery became known as Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery and Pastry Shop. It combined what the two stores did best. Altogether there are four locations, one in Plainville, Wallingford, Rocky Hill and now one at 731 Washington Street in Middletown.

The moment you walk into the bakery, the smell of fresh bread washes over you and you see a beautifully designed interior in an old Italian style with rows of cookies and cakes behind the counter.

One of the most popular pastries is the cannoli. The cream is absolutely delicious; however the shell was a bit hard.

I also tasted several different cookies which were on par with what you would typically expect from a bakery.

Perhaps the best sweet there, in my opinion, was the marble cake with a chocolate mousse filling with ricotta and raspberry jam. The raspberry overpowered the ricotta filling, leaving a very fruitful taste in your mouth.

Something I would definitely recommend that isn’t a desert is an arancini which, as they describe, is a pyramid of risotto with a core of tomato sauce, sausage, mozzarella, and peas all come together in a wonderful breading.

However, one of the more disappointing items was the rum soaked cake. It visually appears as a peach cake but it is far from that at all with a creamy inside that does little to complement the sugary shell.

Another thing that might turn off some customers is the black licorice that is put into the truffles, which is also in some of the cookies.

Their so called “brownie” was more of a block of fudge with little flavor.

One of the most shocking things were the prices of the items. For example one three pound tray of cookies costs 36 dollars; however, I believe that they are well worth the expense.
The noise is one thing that was unexpected. With people talking and the music playing in the background, the sheer volume of everything can be bit shocking if you expected a small quiet bakery.

Throughout my visit, a few things remained constant — the workers were exceptional and nice and having a genuine Italian bakery was beneficial to the town. Overall the experience was not at all what I expected. The people there were polite and open to talking and the atmosphere was overall very welcoming.

I would recommend purchasing from the Mozzicato’s bakery any day if you want some authentic Italian bread and delicious pastries.

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