Science Olympiad is proposed for middle and high schoolers

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A club is being presented to the Board of Education that will seek to encourage Middletown students to explore and compete in scientific topics. The Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization that hosts annual science competitions for middle and high schoolers. Ashley Glorioso, an eighth grade math teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, hopes to start a science olympiad club in Middletown.

Glorioso said, “I’ve seen how excited kids get about science, and it’s a really amazing community. You get to see kids from all different schools compete and support each other.”
There are two different aspects of competition in the Science Olympiad. One is a “test” type competition in which students rely on memorization and knowledge of a topic to answer questions. The second is a “building” based competition, in which construction, engineering, and creativity within certain parameters are employed by the students.

Glorioso hopes to get middle schoolers involved in the organization. One team is made up of 15 students, and is open to students grades six through nine. Only five freshman would be allowed on a middle school team. However, depending on the amount of student interest, a second team could be formed or students would act as alternates. Students would likely meet at Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

The goal of a Middletown team is to encourage students to work together to further their knowledge and to represent Middletown in local and statewide competition.

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