Scheduling of the Senior Trip in the Fall Causes Controversy

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It is a tradition that seniors can look forward to celebrating their hard work with events such as the senior trip at the end of the year. This year, however, the senior trip is scheduled for October 18, which is much earlier than the Spring trips that have happened in the past.

While there were understandably only a few dates to work with to make the trip happen this year at all, it being this early in the school year means many seniors have conflicts with the current date. The school is in the height of its fall sports season and for many student athletes there are games around the date that missing practice has the potential to impact. Not to mention that the majority of seniors are still going through the college application process, preparing for standardized testing, and handling extracurricular responsibilities on top of their course loads. Some of the celebratory aspect to the trip is lost in these looming responsibilities.

The trip comes out to cost $125 per senior. In addition to the $125 price tag, in order for seniors to fully enjoy the trip they will need spending money to shop and pay for food. Last year the senior class had time during the school year to fundraise to reduce the cost and make it more accessible for students but that opportunity was eliminated with the date so soon. Many seniors are currently paying expenses for things such as senior dues, college applications, and standardized tests such as AP tests, SAT’s, and ACT’s which all add up to be a heavy burden for any student to bear, and even more intimidating for low income students. As a result, there are many students who were hesitant, unwilling, or unable to pay for the trip. Even though there was a payment plan available so students could break up the cost over time, it did not change the amount of money owed overall and therefore did not really fix the issue of accessibility.

While the date is already set, and the people who could go and afford it have already signed up and paid the fee, it is important that underclassmen start raising funds and looking at dates now so future classes of seniors will not run into the same issues that the senior class this year did. The senior trip should be accessible for all students and at a time for seniors to relax after the stressful part of senior year is over and they’ve already applied to colleges and done most of their hard work during the beginning and middle of the school year.

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