STDs are on the Rise

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Members of the health center are eligible to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and STIs, a helpful and convenient service for students who are sexually active.

Many people within the school are not aware that STDs and STIs are as big of an issue as they are within the school.

The health center performs about five tests for STDs per week, and rates of transmission are significantly higher than they have been in the past. For example, according to the health center, last school year the number of those who tested positive for Chlamydia in the school were found to be around five times higher than in previous years.

It is important for people to take note of this, especially those who teach and plan sexual education classes. The current method of teaching sexual education to students needs to be modified to make it more effective. Clearly, there are a notable number of students in the school who have not taken the proper preventative measures to protect themselves.

The system that Health classes currently work within does not result in enough overall coverage among students because it allows students to miss the unit as they rotate in and out of gym classes. There are too many who can say they have not received the sexual education portion of the Health class or have instead repeated the Drug and First Aid lessons. Without proper sexual education in our school, the health and futures of many students are at risk.

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