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Let’s Have an Adjoka-Partay: A letter to the student body

Photo courtesy of Nathan Zed

Photo courtesy of Nathan Zed

Photo courtesy of Nathan Zed

Let’s Have an Adjoka-Partay: A letter to the student body

December 9, 2018

Maamle Adjoka-Nartey,
Features Editor

Dear People of MHS,

Know and understand that power lies in your mind. You have power and control over the person you desire to be, and the actions you will take to make your visions become your reality.

The first step to achieving complete success is to believe in yourself.

On a day to day basis, so many of us doubt ourselves and our capabilities. We look around us and we may see the negative life of those who look like us, or the life of those who have it better than we do and we begin to doubt — doubt ourselves, doubt our strength, doubt our capability to become something powerful in this world.

Try to turn those negative outcomes you may see into your motivation. Allow yourself to stand out, to be different.

In order to achieve this though, you must first reflect on yourself. How do your actions affect you and those around you? What can you do to better yourself mentally? Are you truly having a horrible day, or are you dragging a bad five minutes into a 24-hour madness?

You must get to the root of the problem within. Whatever you feel like you may not be good enough to do, work on that.

There are going to be many obstacles that are bound to come your way but you need to have a growth mindset.

If you want be a part of something big like the National Honor Society — a society of intelligent hardworking people trying to make a difference in our school’s community — but you don’t feel like you will fit in or belong, you have to put those feelings aside and think of the benefits you will receive from being a part of something so big.

Do not throw away opportunities that will help you become a better person than you already are.

Be open minded and patient with yourself and allow yourself to learn and grow mentally.

Growth requires a specific kind of atmosphere that you must create for yourself.

This means stop doubting yourself and work on what you want to improve on.
Look at those you are with on a daily basis. These people have to be people who honestly are able to contribute to the betterment of your life; they motivate you to become your best self, remind you of your intelligence and greatness. These people want what’s best for you, they want you to be happy, they will be there for you both in good times and bad, and they will let you know when you are making mistakes that’ll bring you down.

Having good friends that do these things for you and with you, will help you have a good atmosphere but always remember not to rely completely on others.
Change, progress, and the improvement of yourself begins with you.

Believe that no matter what circumstances may seem to be holding you back, you can make it.

You can make it though if you try hard enough and if you’re willing to put in the work, because while possible, achieving success is not always easy.

Achieving your goals is much easier said than done, but you have to see to it that you do everything in your power to end up where you envisioned.

Improve your mindset because the way you see yourself and how you depict your circumstances matters.

No matter how many times you may fall as you try to reach greatness, always stand back up and keep running.

If you are willing to put in the hard work that leads you down the path of success, I truly believe that you will make it.

Changes start with you and once you tap into it, you can do great things.

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