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A Stroll Through the Park: Guidance system is in need of a complete revamp

Graphic by Dante DiMauro

Graphic by Dante DiMauro

Graphic by Dante DiMauro

A Stroll Through the Park: Guidance system is in need of a complete revamp

December 9, 2018

We live in an inconsistent world. Inconsistent friends. Inconsistent weather. Inconsistent class schedules. Inconsistent life.

Brandon Parker,
Sports Editor

As a member of society, I strive to find consistency. Consistency is safe. Consistency creates happiness. Consistency leads to success.
In a school environment where everything is inconsistent, students need consistency.

Guidance needs to be consistent. Consistent in helping the students achieve academic success; consistent in providing emotional support; consistent in preparing us for a college environment.

Guidance’s purpose is to develop a relationship with students and accommodate their needs, within a reasonable margin. But how is a guidance counselor suppose to develop a relationship when all I am is a name on a screen? Guidance never took the time to learn about me. They do not know how I learn or what my interests are.

The department is full of amazing people. I have no doubt that they care about the students. However, the system is flawed.

Students spend 180 days a year in their classrooms. 55 minutes a day, 220 minutes a week, 5,500 minutes a year in these classrooms.
I believe students need to feel safe, accommodated, and comfortable within their learning environment. So if a student asks for a period change, guidance should try, within reason, to accommodate that request.

Unfortunately, that is not how our guidance system operates. Countless students have never met with their counselor. Countless students are being treated like numbers rather than people. Countless students are denied schedule requests every year.

However, the academic elite are able to handpick their schedules. The top students in the school are given benefits not accessible to every student.

This is unjust. This is inequitable. This is wrong. All we ask for is consistency.

If guidance is going to frame their policy around not changing schedules for teacher or period preference, then that policy needs to be in place for all 1340 students in the school.

I am seeing blatant favoritism within the guidance department; students should not be granted requests because they have a phenomenal academic achievement, or because they are best friends with their counselor.

Guidance needs change. I see two clear options. The guidance policy needs to be restructured, or guidance needs to remain consistent in following their policy.

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