Behind the scenes of the Girls Swim Team

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The girls swim team has had its ups and downs in the last few years, but through it all, the managers of the team provided support to the swimmers. Senior Chelsea Hughes, and juniors Jack Lentini, Joseph Chiappetta, Michael Flynn, and Aditya Sathe have all been managers with the team for multiple years and going through the highs and lows of the swim season alongside the team.

When asked about her role as manager of girls swim, Chelsea Hughes pulled up an enormous spreadsheet containing all the practices and the times of the swimmers. She explained that the managers have the constant responsibility of recording times and reporting to Coach Trevor Charles what practice schedule worked and what did not. This is done by comparing both the schedules and times from the prior year and seeing if the swimmers improved or not. Hughes continues this critical task into the boys swim season, where she continues to manage their team.

The managers work more with Coach Charles than any of the swimmers individually, as they do the organizational work without ever having to get into the water. Their work with Charles includes going over the spreadsheet of times and working out a new practice schedule. This massive spreadsheet of data may seem daunting at first but is extremely helpful for improving the training schedule. The collection and organization of all the data that the managers collect is an enormous task, with the managers having to spend much of their time working on it.

Swimmer junior Rose Cunningham described the managers as good at running the team and nice to have around. While the managers’ impact on the team may not be as praised as the top swimmers, they certainly have a unique and helpful role in the team that makes a positive impact.

Many of the managers either continue managing or swimming into the boys season, continuing their close work with Coach Charles. Hughes described the work as hard but worth it. Since she will be graduating, the swim team will miss a key member of their team. Until then, the managers will be hard at work, though. According to Hughes, swim is one of the hardest sports to manage, as Charles wants everything documented, which takes lots of time and effort. This time and effort pay off, though, as the girls swim team can receive helpful feedback from the data collected by the managers and use it to improve their own swimming in addition to the changes Coach Charles makes to the practices.

Many of these managers have been there since their freshman year and provide constant support to the swimmers. Through their hard work, the girls swim team gets a chance to learn from their mistakes and start the next season even stronger. As the boys swim season starts up, managers are hard at work to help their team succeed.

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