Girls soccer team wins at senior night

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The girls varsity soccer team did not have the successful season that they are used to. Last season they had a winning record, they won conferences, and made it to the second round of states. This season, however, they had a record of 4-11-1 and have been losing by many goals, with approximately a nine-goal difference each game. This was not what was expected from a team that has shown dominance in recent years.

Sophomore Kaylee Allegretti who has been playing on the girls varsity squad for two years, said, “There was a lot of frustration between teammates, but we put in a lot of effort.”

Senior Allison Dube explained how the team still had a strong bond even through their rough times. “I feel that even though we lost the majority of our games we still had a great season. We won as a team and lost as a team and we continue to fight even when we were losing,” said Dube. Dube has been on the soccer team for four years.

Junior Sam DeFrance said “We feel disappointed about the losses and the scores but learned that we have lots to work on.”

Last year the team lost many seniors, which contributed to the team’s many defeats. Dube said “We lost ten starting seniors last year, which meant that we had a completely new team and had to learn to work together.” The team was left with only five seniors this year. Since the seniors are those who have the most experience with high school soccer, it was difficult for the team to adapt.

There were other factors that contributed to losses. Allegretti said, “We can’t keep possession of the ball going up the field to get a shot on the goal.” The team has worked on scoring goals and defense in practice. The team worked on the offensive and defensive shape in order to win games.

DeFrance said that injuries played a role in this situation. “The injuries and illnesses have contributed in a minor effect to our outcome.” Injuries forced the team to change game plans in terms of who was playing in the starting line up. It also temporarily limited the number of players the team had.

Dube said that the team made time to bond with each other, “which was very important with a new team.” The better the bond the team has, the better they will work together on the field. The connections players have with each other is vital.

The team has made progress throughout the season. Even though they continued to lose games, they improved on scoring goals. Dube said that “we won our senior night which was our first win in a while, then we tied Maloney in overtime and even though we lost to Berlin, we did score twice in the last ten minutes which was a win for us.”

Winning senior night was a great accomplishment for the team and allowed the seniors to walk away from the season with something to be proud of.

The team near the end of the season scored more goals and looked better on the field. Their hard work and determination in practice helped turn the end of their season into something the team can be proud of.

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