Girls and boys cross country have successful season

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Another challenging season has come to an end for both girls and boys cross country. Both experienced obstacles that had to be faced in order to become successful.

The boys ended off strong, despite injuries to some of their best runners: senior Captain Konstantin Ditc and sophomore Thomas Cunningham. If it wasn’t for the injuries, Cunningham was said to be one of the best additions to the team. However, both athletes are on track to recover quickly. Ditc said that while he was injured, “It created some dissent among the team members who questioned my captain status for a bit… Now I’m back and we’re ready to run the Class L State Meet this Friday.”

The boys won almost all of their meets with a record of 6-1. They also won the CCC South Colonial division and finished 6th at the Class L State Meet in the 35 degree weather. Senior Captain Matthew Lecky is going to continue his season at State Opens after finishing 9th overall at Class L. “I was well rested and ready to run fast. At state opens, my goal is to run under 16:30. It’s a long shot, but if I can do that I’ll have a chance to place in the top 25 and go to New Englands,” Lecky said.

The boys also suggested that the team was in need of new uniforms and a better supply of transportation to meets. Sophomore Trevor Drescher said, “When more boys were joining the team, our supply of shorts were running out so people who joined late had to wear their own instead.”

As for transportation, this issue didn’t only affect the boys. Both the girls and boys cross country teams were to fit on one school bus. There is an estimated 60 people on both teams. Senior Mia Kriksciun said, “Everyone had to triple up in a seat… We had two busses one time but that was it.”All runners requested another bus for the future for their safety so that everyone is seated comfortably.

The girls improved exponentially over the season and many claim team spirit may be the cause. Led by Coach Jennifer Price, the team has shown the potential they hold even with a fair amount of new runners.

Price said, “One of the most uplifting experiences we had this season was watching the new athletes improve. We had ten runners that were new to high school cross country and it is a difficult adjustment sometimes. The veterans of the team were instrumental in leading the new athletes and helping them to achieve their full potential. They trusted their training and this led to improved performances throughout the season.”

Price also believes that this may have been one of their most fortunate seasons because of the lack injuries. “We were fairly lucky with injuries this season, only having some minor nagging injuries and nothing catastrophic,” she said. However, some of their drawbacks during the season did include adjusting the home running course, Wickham Park, multiple times due to weather occurrences, which made it more difficult for the athletes.

Captains senior Mia Kriksciun and senior Kaylee Morosky discussed their relationship with the girls and how it contributed positively to their season while also explaining their favorite part of the season. “The best part about leading the team was getting to know all the new girls and continuing to stay close to them. Cross country has such a positive environment and the team keeps me going,” Kriksciun said.

“The best part was seeing my teammates reach their goals, whether it was to run under a certain time, or come in a certain place during a race,” Morosky said.

Success was the expectation for both girls and boys cross country in fall of 2019. The teams did well and their strong team bonds helped them to come together to improve their performance throughout the season.

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