Future looks promising for boys soccer team

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The 2018-19 boys soccer season started off promising, with the team going 2-0-1 in their first three matches, the best start the team has had in years. After that, though, the boys had a bit of a rough patch, winning only one of their next ten matches. The team managed to turn their last three regular-season games around, winning two and finally tying their last. This qualified the boys for the State Tournament, with a record of 5-8-3.  

The team’s change in attitude can be attributed to the change in coaching staff. If the record alone is not enough, the players themselves have had a much better feeling about this season than previous years. Captain and Junior Jayden Koski said, “The atmosphere is much more positive and much less toxic… this, in  turn, drives us to win.”

Despite the middle season struggles, this team is one to be proud of. They’ve only lost half their matches and qualified for states – which hasn’t happened in years. This is a new experience for all members of the team, even the seniors. Despite qualifying, they are the lowest seed in Class L, #27.

For some, this might have been enough — winning more than just a game or two, starting the process of a rebuild. For the seniors on the team, this season is already the best they’ve had, disregarding whatever happens in the playoffs. Hungry for the trophy, The Blue Dragons have yet to throw in the towel on this season.

Their first postseason game was on Tuesday, November 6. The boys were up against the #6 seed, East Lyme, on their turf. The game went back and forth, and both teams played with heart. At the end of the day, the Blue Dragons came up with a massive upset, winning 3-2, and advancing to the second round. In the second round, they played #22 Bristol Central, on November 8. The game ended in an unfortunate 0-2 loss. The boys ended their rebuilding season on a 6-9-3 record, the best the school has seen in years.

While the 2018 boys soccer season did not end in a trophy celebration, it was a major improvement over the last three seasons. Avid soccer players, the team displayed a strong heart and promising potential. “The squad is very young, and with the high-quality coaching we have, great things lie ahead,” Koski concluded.

The future of MHS soccer does indeed look promising.

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