School is lacking school spirit

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All too often we overlook the importance of school spirit within the student body.

School spirit helps foster an inclusive and cohesive environment for students, which improves the overall school climate and brings students closer together.

Recently, our school has been experiencing a deficit in school spirit, our cheering sections are nonexistent and students aren’t as involved in extracurriculars or active at school events as they once were. During spirit week, only a small amount of students participated by dressing up in clothes from past decades rather than the majority.

Right now, students in certain groups are making it a goal to bring back the school spirit we once had.
For instance, Future Business Leaders of America are selling Cheering section t-shirts for eight dollars and doing their best to bring back a cheering section for any sports events at the school.

School-wide events, such as pep rallies, are also crucial to achieving this goal and should be established more often.

It is important to continue to make efforts like these to foster school pride and ultimately promote a unified student body.

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