Study night give students a place to get support

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Imagine a free space to do your homework, with free tutoring and free food? Yes, it is real! This school year, the high school held a study session after school for students who needed a quiet and supporting atmosphere to do homework and study for classes before the first quarter ended.

Held in the library, right after the last bell rang, all students were welcome to sit in the library with friends, peers, and teachers to get any support for school work that they needed. The library was filled with students, every table and seat occupied; however, the atmosphere remained quiet and hardworking.

Ann Buchanan, who works in Media Library Services, with the help of other fellow teachers and the students from the Principal Advisory Board and National Honor Society, was able to keep a large group of students on task and working diligently for almost six hours.

But how were these students so focused? “Snacks,” said Malik Shabazz, a senior, “I am here because there is free food and a place to do work without being distracted.”

Students were given a light snack, including one choice of any snack item and a drink, and around dinner time, students were provided pizza. It is very important for students to stay hydrated and fed while studying to maintain focus and brainpower.

Many students were also attracted to this study session because there was endless sources of support, just within the library. National Honor Society students were scattered around the library, giving needed help and advice to students in all subjects and from all grades. In addition, teachers from all subjects were present in the library, as well as Advanced Placement teachers who could directly help students with their area of expertise. Unlike trying to do homework at home, where it may be hard to get the help needed to do challenging work, the library was equipped with knowledgeable students and teachers, ready to help.

“I get so distracted at home,” Brandon Campbell, a senior, said, “I like that I can come here and work hard and get help from people I am comfortable with.”

A big roadblock for students who are struggling with school work is that they are afraid to ask for help or do not have time to; however, this study session was a great jump start for many students to finally receive the help they need.

With such success, there is no doubt that there will be more study sessions in the future. They are already being planned by the student group that put on the event, the Principal Advisory Board.

The only concern now is where to hold future study sessions as interest in the events grow.

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