New Student Resource Officers stationed at the school

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The school system has made changes to the amount of police in schools. Many of the schools in the district have gained new officers deemed “roaming officers,” who have many different schools they watch over.

Along with these changes came the switch to a new pair of School Resource Officers, SROs. Officers David Woolard and Emilio Magnano were situated in the high school in late August at the beginning of the school year.

Mangano has been a baseball coach at the school in the past, so has had experience working with students.

Woolard has been in Middletown for many years. He went to Xavier during his high school years and he went to Wesleyan for college. At both of these schools, he was an avid football player. Woolard said he was “born and raised in Middletown.”

He, along with Magnano, are very enthusiastic about their time as SROs. “So far it’s been great, I’ve really been enjoying myself … I love interacting with the kids,” said Magnano.

Echoing that, Woolard said, “It’s been everything I’ve imagined and more… It’s been awesome.” Both officers have been in the police force for quite some time. Woolard has served for five years and Magano for eight.

Around every four years, new officers are assigned to the school. Last year was the start of a new shift.

Officer Magnano was taken from his job as a patrol officer and placed into the school. “It’s been a good change of pace,” said Magnano. “It’s been an easy transition.”

Woolard thinks that being an officer in a school is unlike anywhere else. “It’s a different type of policing,” Woolard said, “It’s more about community relations, making bonds and relationships, and letting kids see a different side to law enforcement.”

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