Brooklyn Nine-Nine picked up by NBC hours after cancellation

Brooklyn Nine Nine returned to television following a controverisal cancellation that lead to fan outrage. The show was picked up by  television network, NBC.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine returned to television following a controverisal cancellation that lead to fan outrage. The show was picked up by television network, NBC.

Alexander Herrera, Staff Writer

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Brooklyn-Nine-Nine is one of the most popular modern sitcoms on air today. It is able to captivate the audience and manage to remain relatively inoffensive for a show today. The show is able to even claim celebrity fans from Mark Hamill to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Many people enjoy the show and its many quotable lines. One of the most impressive feats that the show accomplished actually came after it was canceled by FOX: it was picked up by NBC only 31 hours later and renewed for a sixth season. Reasons that the show was canceled may include a combination of a lawsuit levied on Terry Crews by a former social media consultant and friend of his, Darwin Hall, which ended in a settlement of one million dollars in the summer of 2018. Another reason might have been the departure of Chelsea Peretti, who portrays Gina Linetti, a fan favorite and a member of the core cast, who announced she would be leaving the show.

First airing on the September 17, 2013 Brooklyn Nine-Nine quickly became very popular. The show follows a detective squad as they solve crimes and shenanigans occur. The ensemble cast includes Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg, Rosa Diaz played by Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Jeffords played by Terry Crews, Amy Santiago played by Melissa Fumero, Charles Boyle played by Joe Lo Truglio, Gina Linetti played by Chelsea Peretti, Ray Holt played by Andre Braugher, Michael Hitchcock played by Dirk Blocker, and Norm Scully played by Joel McKinnon Miller. These actors and actresses have such great chemistry that it seems like they could be actual coworkers. However, unlike The Office or Parks and Rec, it isn’t self-aware enough to have every character be at least somewhat believable so it can get away with some of the more outlandish characters and plot lines.

The show’s quality over the years has improved greatly with growing confidence with jokes and gags and the plot lines and situations that the characters find themselves in. The show has become more focused on telling the story of individuals while managing a near perfect balance of comedy and serious storytelling. The new season currently has high ratings, pulling in 3.56 million total viewers, which is a two year high for the show. Ratings were already consistent before NBC got the show. Looking at it from the point of view of a fan, it really feels like NBC executives don’t want the show to fail and honestly care about maintaining a similar feeling to when it was owned by FOX.

Many fans were upset and felt a loss when the show was canceled by FOX. However, the chance to keep the program alive wasn’t lost on them, and soon negotiations were taking place with Hulu, TBS, NBC and Netflix for the rights to the show. In the end, NBC won out. The season is expected to do very well due to not only having a larger fan base than ever but the need for NBC to prove that they know what they are doing and keep the feel and spirit of the characters the same. There is also pressure on the cast to perform better than ever because NBC took a risk buying the show. All in all, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine is an amazing show, which anyone who likes humor will absolutely love.

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