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Teachers decorate doors for contest

April 21, 2019

This holiday season the school decided to have a door decorating contest. Many teachers participated on each floor for the enjoyment of the entire school community.

By Christmas break all the doors of the teachers that participated were finished and ready to be judged.

Teachers were not the only ones that got involved with the decorating, however, they also recruited students to help with the process.

Art teacher Julie Shvetz, who ended up winning the contest said that her students were the ones that earned her her victory. She said,“My kids really enjoyed participating in this and they loved it even more because we won.”

Another contender for first place was the library. The librarians let students help by having the them cut out snowflakes to be put on the library windows. Paraprofessional Wendy Sheil said, “We love the help! Having the teachers come together and participate in such a cute contest was so much fun.”

Students also loved seeing the festivity. Junior, Jessica Rustek said, “ I thought it was amusing to see all of the teachers competing to see who would win the most festive door!”

Talia Ventrelli, a sophomore said it was “interesting” and “exciting” to see the teachers have fun and it was nice to see the complete product. Students are hoping to see this competition make a comeback next year and for the opportunity to try and decorate their lockers.

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