Dance Team shows continual improvement

Rose Romano, Staff Writer

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On Saturday, January 12, the Dance Team, coached by Marissa Bishop and Emily Kral, competed in the “Dancin’ in the Woods” competition at Woodland Regional High School, their first competition of the season. The team placed fourth in hip hop and third in jazz, out of 13 teams.

Member junior Serina DeSena danced with a loose ACL during the competition, but didn’t let the pain impact her performance. DeSena said, “I danced on Saturday because I didn’t want to let my teammates down and go through the process of reblocking.”

The Dance Team also competed on January 26, in the “Quinnipiac Dance Challenge” at Quinnipiac University. They improved their hip hop performance by placing third in that category and placed fifth in jazz.

Most recently, at the “Warde Dance Jam” at Fairfield Warde High School on February 9, the team performed exceptionally well in both dances. The team placed third in jazz, and took first place in hip hop. Regarding the success of the team, Co-Captain Jessica Rustek said, “I think we’ve come a very long way since the beginning of the season and from last year.

Despite having nowhere to practice sometimes, we make it work. I think this is the most we’ve ever worked as a team and we worked through it together.” They next compete in the states competition at Hamden High School on February 23.

In addition to the difficulties of the competition aspect of Dance Team, Captain Bryjae Bembry has experienced quite a lot of coaching changes during her time on the team. Since her sophomore year in 2016, the team has seen six different coaches. In trying to explain the carousel of coaches, Bembry said, “I think that certain coaches didn’t have the opportunity to continue to coach us, and other coaches didn’t have the credentials to make us a better team.” She accredits the disorganization of the team to the inconsistency of the coaching staff, however, she notes that no matter what, the team always pulls together to place in competitions.

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