Cheerleaders are patching together a season

The Middletown cheerleaders cheering on the girls basketball team in a tight game.

Photo by Calvin Ponzio

The Middletown cheerleaders cheering on the girls basketball team in a tight game.

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From performing the Middletown cheer at pep-rallies to supporting the various sports here at the school, the cheerleaders are the embodiment of school spirit and pride, but behind those smiles and pom-poms is an extreme lack of positivity.

Winter cheer season has proven to be quite a difficult one with its fair share of bumps in the road. The team is supposed to have a competition coach; however, an excess of absences on the part of the coach has delayed the team’s progress significantly.

This being her senior season, varsity cheerleader and captain Alissa Mikulski is disappointed by the way things have turned out. The team had to cancel their first competition on January 26 due to being unprepared. Mikulski said, “We only have three weeks until our next competition. It’s definitely frustrating.” The team does remain hopeful in spite of all of this and hopes to see some support at their competition, unlike in years past when few to no students have come to see them compete.

In addition to the difficulties surrounding their competitions, the varsity squad is sensing unequal treatment in their home game assignments. Traditionally the athletic director ensures that the varsity team cheers an equal amount of boys and girls basketball games. However, many seniors have commented that it seems nearly all boys games are cheered by the junior varsity team. This alleged mistreatment has contributed to the low morale amongst the team. As a result, some of the underclassmen are beginning to question whether they will try out again next year according to Mikulski. Former freshman cheerleader Isabella Gioco quit because “the cheer season did not live up to her expectations,” and she has heard similar things from other underclassman, leading her to question the future of the team.

The question about the future success of the cheerleading at the school is not unique to this program and seems to be common to many of our school’s sports. This leaves many wondering if our school’s pride is truly disappearing.

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