ATHLETE FEATURE: Brandon Campbell

Samuel Getek, Staff Writer

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Brandon Campbell is a well-known athlete who most prominently is recognized as captain and four-year veteran of the football team. In this edition of Blue Prints Featured Athlete, we take a closer look at his athletic career and his story of true perseverance. Campbell is a senior graduating with the class of 2019 and has played basketball, baseball, football, and boxed in his time at the school.

Campbell played baseball since Little League, however, took a break during middle school and returned to baseball for his freshman and sophomore year. Campbell played as an outfielder and was one of the fastest team members in his time with them.

He also had a brief boxing career in middle school at a friend’s gym, which he described as “more of a hobby, something to keep me occupied.” Campbell said he is going to take up boxing again in the coming months.

The most significant sport to him, he said, will always be football. Starting his football career during his freshman year, Campbell immediately fell in love. He grew up watching his older brother play in high school, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. As he played, his bond with the sport, his team, and his brother grew. Eventually, as the sport took front and center in Brandon’s life, he decided to stop basketball, baseball, and boxing to focus exclusively on his newfound passion for football.

“Seeing how much football can positively impact someone, I wanted that for myself,” said Campbell.

As he played, his bond with the sport, his team, and his brother grew. Eventually, he decided to stop basketball, baseball, and boxing to focus exclusively on football. The first three seasons couldn’t have gone better.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon period would not last longer than that.

In his senior season, after being crowned captain, with his sights on a legacy-setting season, Campbell was injured in a scrimmage. It was the first day of school, one week and a day before the first game. He tore his ACL and MCL and was told he would miss the rest of the season. Campbell was devastated. “I just wanted to play and start in front of my brother, and captain my team.” While he couldn’t play, Campbell refused to give up on his team.

Although sidelined, he was at every single practice and all but one game. “My impact on the field wasn’t there, but I still wanted to impact the team in a positive manner.”

It is very easy to see just how much football and Campbell’s team meant to him through his incredible dedication to his team even when injured. In addition to the support of his team, Campbell also found strength in the very person he played for — his brother.

“I’m very close with my brother,” Campbell explained “We have a strong bond because he understood the pain I went through.” His brother was also injured during his senior season. Having a role model and someone who felt the way he felt was crucial, he said.

Campbell’s perseverance continues, as he looks to restart his boxing career once he gets cleared by doctors. “March 23 I’ll be cleared, and then I start training,” he told me excitedly. It’s rare to see such passion, tenacity, and positivity in an individual. Brandon Campbell graduates this spring with the Class of 2019 and leaves behind a legacy the school will always remember.

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