Humanities will no longer be offered to seniors next year

Clara Taft, Staff Writer

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Humanities is an Honors class that is currently available to juniors and seniors. However, next year, Humanities will no longer be offered to seniors.

When Humanities was first introduced at the school, it was available only to seniors. However, enrollment was low and many students took AP Literature instead of Humanities due to its offering of college credit.

Keri MacLean, Language Arts Supervisor at the high school, said, “There was actually one year where we could not run the course because the enrollment was so low.  I met with the director from Wesleyan that oversaw the program at the time and we brainstormed how to increase enrollment.” To increase enrollment, MacLean and the director from Wesleyan decided to offer Humanities to juniors as well as seniors. Humanities replaced the Honors English 11 option.

Christopher Darby, the Humanities teacher, believes many students are upset that Humanities will not be offered to seniors. He said, “Most of the seniors that I have in Humanities are students that I had as juniors in AP Language and they really liked having the option as seniors of taking an Honors class that was not an AP class… [and] current juniors were upset that they didn’t have that as an option.”

Carina Tyszka, a senior, is currently taking Humanities and thinks that Humanities should continue to be offered to seniors. She said, “Humanities is a fun class for seniors because we get to go on field trips and I think juniors should take AP Lang to prep them for the SAT.”

Other students agreed. Dominic Parciasepe, a senior, said, “I don’t really see a reason for it [not allowing seniors to take Humanities]. I really encourage juniors to take AP Lang.”

Currently, the school offers three English classes to juniors and seven English classes to seniors. New English classes for seniors will also be added next year: Journalism and Mythology & Folklore.

Since there are already more English classes for seniors, some students are in favor of Humanities only being available to juniors. Aysia Henderson, a sophomore, said, “I kind of like that it’s just juniors and they made it the Honors class because seniors already have a ton of English classes.” She plans to take Humanities next year.

Caroline Pawlak, a junior, agrees that seniors already have enough English options. She said, “There are already so many English classes for seniors already… it doesn’t really make a difference.”

Some students feel that, despite the classes being added, they still have a lack of options. Julia Noriega, a junior, said, “There are a lot of upcoming seniors who want to take Humanities and have the right to take Humanities.. and some of them don’t want to take AP Lit, which is a super hard class and the same kids don’t want to take a CP class.”

Currently, out of the English classes to be offered to seniors, there is one AP option, one Honors option, and the rest are College Prep.

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