Girls lacrosse makes progress in a challenging season

Samuel Getek, Staff Writer

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The newest addition to varsity athletics, girls lacrosse, is looking forward to this spring season. Returning members have been long anticipating this season. After a rather disappointing season last year the team is looking to make immense improvements in their standings, but this goal will not be an easy one.

Despite the many challenges that will come with this season of firsts, many players such as Sarah Gaudreau, a sophomore and returning defender, is excited to take on the challenges of a varsity season. “I am very excited, of course. I do feel like we’re still not treated as a true varsity team, but we are looking to prove ourselves this season.”

When asked about the schedule change, Gaudreau said, “We are playing a lot of the same teams, but going in, we are confident.”  The team is currently ranked 54 of 55 teams. They are playing against teams ranked much higher in the state standings, which makes the season that much more difficult.

In addition to becoming a varsity sport, Girls Lacrosse will also be experiencing a change in the coaching staff. Coach Shannon Murdock was the former assistant coach and will be replacing former coach, Ann Buchanan.

When asked about her goals for the season, Murdock said, “To build the foundations for a strong Middletown Lacrosse program” and to “improve our record from last year and be competitive in our conference games.”

The team is extremely happy to be working with a new coach this year. According to Gaudreau, this is because “She wants us to work hard because we struggled last year. She is already pushing the team to do their best, and all the girls on the team like her. We are confident this year because we have a better coach.”

Despite high hopes for the season, many players are concerned about the shortage of incoming players this year. A smaller squad could prove to be difficult for the team, considering that they will be facing significantly tougher competition.

The team is made up of many beginner players, many of whom didn’t play in youth leagues, so they don’t have much experience in comparison to the teams they compete against. However, they face each game with determination regardless.

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