Boys and girls golf teams look for success

Camille Kennedy, Staff Writer

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The boy’s golf team is a young, growing program ready to build off of the success achieved last season when they co-won the CCC South division.

Physical Education teacher and golf coach Matthew Harris has long-term goals for his team. Harris said, “We want to place top three in our CCC South division and improve on our score in the CCC tournament.” Harris not only wants his team to be successful in the field but successful in the classroom as well. He hopes that all of his players will meet the all-academic requirements.

One key returning player for the boy’s golf team is sophomore Noah Blake. He is the only returning golfer who played in last year’s CCC tournament. This season Blake hopes to compete at the state level. Blake, who has been playing golf since he was in second grade, said that playing golf for the school is “a good chance to connect with your friends and a good stress reliever.”

For Harris, one of the best parts of coaching golf is being able to see growth and improvement. Harris said, “It’s nice to see kids improve right in front of your eyes throughout the season and also to stand up to that adversity. Golf is not an easy sport. It takes a lot of mental toughness and repetition and to see the kids step up and make the micro-adjustments to succeed is cool.”

For Blake, an important aspect of golf is the mental side of it. He said, “The hardest part of playing golf is that there are many things that go into golf, like the mental game, like not getting angry. You have to keep calm the whole time, and there’s a lot of competition.”

However, other teams are not the only opponent that the golf teams will face this spring. Harris said that “We’ve always been battling the weather and the conditions of the course.” Girls golf coach and chemistry teacher, Roberta Downer, added, “The last two years we’ve been indoors the first two or three weeks at the beginning of the season because of the snow and looking at what’s going on, it looks like we’re on track for a similar start.”

The girl’s golf team will be led by senior co-captain Lily Doan and junior co-captain Logan Frame. Doan and Frame are the only returning players on a team that graduated five seniors last year. Downer said, “We have four students who are new, I think three of whom have never played.”

Doan is the lone senior on the team and the first player that Downer has had for four continuous years. Downer said, “Lily has come a long way in her four years, showing exceptional progress.” Doan’s hopes that the team can continue to improve their record by winning more matches and that the new players improve and stick around.

Frame has had a tremendous amount of success in the past two seasons. She earned all-conference honors and competed at states her freshman and sophomore year. Additionally, last season she competed at New Englands.  

After going 6-7 last year, the girls golf team is still searching for a winning season. But for the team, every win is progress. Downer said, “It’s not the easiest sport. Golf is a very mental game and it’s difficult to stay focused for a whole game.”

Doan said, “When you first play golf, it’s very frustrating because it seems like such an easy sport when you’re watching it but it really isn’t.”

One of Downer’s favorite parts about coaching golf is being able to see the girls mature and learn about life through golf. Golf is a sport that requires a great deal of mental toughness in addition to physical ability, and can often get frustrating. Downer said, “For me, it’s great to get the girls to recognize that that one bad play does not have to be the end of the game. Stay focused, work hard, and work towards your goal.”

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