Senior Board plans events and fundraisers

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Senior Board plans events and fundraisers

SAM GETEK, Staff Writer

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Every year, along with the class officers, a senior board is assembled to advise the senior class officers in planning events and other decisions. They could be described as the Presidential Cabinet to the senior class officers.
The board is made up of roughly 20 members. Senior class advisor Olivia Hornberger said, “It has been my goal to allow any student interested in having a part in senior events feel welcome to have an influence in making their senior year their best year at MHS.”

The board is also open to student suggestions. “The senior class officers and I are willing to work and discuss with students and classmates about their ideas and suggestions in what they would like to see happen regarding senior events, activities and traditions,” Hornberger said. The senior board is essentially the liaison between the class officers and student body.

“Everyone has a chance on the board, they can make suggestions, add to the suggestions, or change them,” said board member Marvyn Whittaker, “so every person can make an impact.”
Aside from planning events, the senior board has also assisted in designing the senior class sweatshirts and shirts, as well as making class announcements. Future events the board is working on are the Evening of Elegance, graduation, and other events the seniors would like to plan.

“When we fundraise, the money mostly goes to both the class itself and Project Grad,” Whittaker said. The Board had a Goods and Services auction on December 5, at the Italian Society. At the auction, parents bid on donated gifts that, if won, will be gifted to their son or daughter as a graduation gift. All of the proceeds benefit Project Graduation. The board also volunteers at events, such as the auction, to help out at the establishment.

The senior board also acts as spokespeople. They helps spread the word to their fellow classmates for any events planned, or when class dues need to be turned in. They also get their classmate’s opinions on what to plan, or what changes can be made for an existing event.
At the board meeting on November 23, the officers focused primarily on upcoming fundraisers for Project Grad, such as the Goods and Services auction and the Holiday Cookie sale on December 5. Officers also plan the fundraising events throughout the year, and, with the help of Hornberger, run the functions. They also discussed the date of senior class dues, and the best time they should be turned in. Towards the end, they talked about the cost and turnout of the homecoming dance. Nearly 600 students attended, a much higher attendance than usual. The board closed with an open forum. At this time, officers could suggest an event, fundraiser, or bring up an issue involving their class.

Working with the student government and the senior class, the senior board plans to make the most out of their senior year, whether it’s planning annual events or creating new ones. They also do the fundraising for these events, and use the money they earned towards activities for the seniors. The senior board will hopefully ensure that the class of 2016 is in good hands as graduation quickly approaches.

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