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What Sonya Mind?: Turn complaints into change

Sonya Hadley, Editor-in-Chief

April 21, 2019

Student voice is vital in the process of transformation at the school, but that also means that students need to step up and use their voices. The administration at the school has done its best to ensure that students have been at the forefront of the...

A Lesson in Philo-Sophie: Student led conferences shouldn’t replace parent teacher conferences

Sophie Naylor, News Editor

April 21, 2019

Let me start off by saying that the administration really does try to help students and parents. They care about students and truly want us to succeed. This is evident by their level of involvement in student life. Now tha...

Guest Column: Unified Sports IS a sports team

Madison Ehle, Staff Writers

December 10, 2018

For those who may not know, Unified Sports is a team that allows for young people with disabilities to partake in sports as athletes along with other student partners to guide them. The reason I say “for those who may not know”...

Schools should have gender neutral bathrooms

Jade Levy, OpEd Editor

December 10, 2018

The topic of whether or not gender-neutral bathrooms should be made available is a widespread controversy. On one hand, people fear gender-neutral bathrooms will put them at risk for sexual assault and other dangers. On the other...

School is lacking school spirit

December 10, 2018

All too often we overlook the importance of school spirit within the student body. School spirit helps foster an inclusive and cohesive environment for students, which improves the overall school climate and brings students...

School needs better bathroom maintenance

December 10, 2018

The multiple stalled bathrooms at the school get a lot of use throughout the day. Hundreds of students use them daily and conditions become notably dirty within a short amount of time. However, students are noticing that some...

Freshmen failing in honors classes

December 10, 2018

This school year, many more freshmen have been placed in honors classes in an attempt to make higher level classes more representative of the diversity in our school. This was done with good intentions; however, the outcome is...

STDs are on the Rise

December 9, 2018

Members of the health center are eligible to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases and STIs, a helpful and convenient service for students who are sexually active. Many people within the school are not aware that STDs...

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